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  • 25 января

    Implanted in the heart of Chamonix, the Agence Immobilière Moderne created in 1967 by Gérard Comte is now run by his daughter Brigitte, who can boast of a beautiful radiation in the valley. Strong of values ​​borrowed from family businesses, AIM brings together a team of women driven by the passion of real estate and mountain. 

  • 23 декабря 2018

    Chalet Florence is a magical little Chamonix chalet sleeping 2, nestled in a very private cul-de-sac garden, situated in an elegant residential neighborhood on the sunny side of the Chamonix valley — a brisk 5 minutes walk from downtown Chamonix. 

  • 3 октября 2018

    After around two-and-a-half years’ construction work, the “Matterhorn glacier ride” – the world’s highest 3S cableway – has finally opened as planned, and Zermatt has gained a new attraction. From the beginning of the 2018/19 winter season, passengers will be able to use the new cableway to reach the Klein Matterhorn. 

  • 30 июня 2018

    There are good possibilities you never heard about Innocenzo Manzetti, even if he was one of the most fertile and dynamic italian geniuses. And if things had turned out differently for him, less than a month ago, on the 29th of June, we would have celebrated the 150th anniversary of his major invention, which had a profound impact on history and our own lives: the telephone. 

  • 10 июня 2018

    The co-existence of various ecstatic performative practices (dance, music, drama, various rituals, rites, public presentations), which functions lie between religious activity, healing and entertainment, is one of the most significant features of some societies even today, in the global world. Performances have many local variations and stratifications — from tiny village customs to today’s mass-media huge events, TV shows, national festivals with strong political agenda, and the like. Enactments of myths and legends must be performed during agricultural and domestic festivals, and are tightly connected to various rituals. Invocation and narration of the divine stories from epic texts is very well known practice in particular regions. 

  • 18 марта 2018

    For this article I was hoping to find a ready made list of lift accidents. There are a few short and incomplete lists around the place but they missed out a lot and they were not well referenced, so to get the fullest and most accurate list we had to make our own. For this list, and this is a weird distinction to have to make, we limited it to accidents with at least one fatality or if there were no fatalities to at least ten injuries… 

  • 16 марта 2018

    This year, the HES-SO Valais-Wallis, a Swiss university of applied sciences, reached new heights when some of its students, supervised by professional mountain guides, went to the top of the Pierre Avoi mountain for the highest class photo in Switzerland. This unusual picture shows them suspended at right-angles to the rock face. At the university, as in the photo, professional support and an amazing setting create a unique experience for students. 

  • 2 декабря 2017

    These googles are the product of teamwork. Our starting point was the AeroSpace goggles with their technological aspects, like the SuperFlowSystem, and REACTIV photochromic lens…
    We then asked five of our Chamonix skiing and snowboarding crew to choose the graphics. After trying quite a few options, the Chamonix references that appear on the goggles emerged as clear winners. Nothing has been left to chance; each graphic represents an aspect of this valley and its mountain range. 

  • 5 мая 2017

    The architectural and artistic history of the cathedral derives from overlapping of countless building works that took place here from Roman times up to the 19th century. Ancient tradition assigned the commissioning of the Romanesque church to Bishop Anselmo, who held the See from 994 to 1026. The archaeological excavations carried out from 1976 up to the present day and tree-ring dating analyses have confirmed this tradition, indicating that the construction works began in the late 10th century and lasted until the second half of the 11th. The edifice was of basilican plan with a central nave and two side aisles without a transept, and the entrance was on the south side. The east side ended in an imposing structure articulated on various levels with five apses; the choir, raised over a crypt with three aisles, terminated in a large semi-circular apse, flanked by the apses of the side aisles and those of the two bell towers. 

  • 17 марта 2017

    What a week! The weather around Courmayeur and the Mont Blanc changed from deep winter into spring-like conditions in no time - and the teams struggled hard to fulfill the tasks that Click on the Mountain 2017 had imposed on them. A 2 minute video, a short edit for Instagram and 10 pictures had to be delivered after 3 days of production. But this year’s output was beyond any expectations and both the jury and the public during the prize-giving ceremony were amazed by the photographic and filmmaking skills of the 4 teams. Lukas Riedl won the video categories, while Florian Breitenberger won Best Picture. 

  • 1 января 2017

    The discovery of the Higgs Boson on the 4th of July 2012, that explains why atoms and we exist, is an opportunity for science and art to fuse; to speak of a reassessment of our place in the cosmos that has just occurred with the Higgs discovery, to speak of the mysterious and to make it approachable. 

  • 29 ноября 2016
    Built in 1880 to accommodate the first mountaineers and travellers who had come to see the Mer de Glace, the Grand Hotel presents a sober granite facade pierced with lots of little windows.
  • 17 ноября 2016

    The goal was extremely ambitious: creating a brand that would not only reflect the identity of a destination, but would also work as a core organizational value, capable of sustaining Courmayeur’s growth in the long term. 

  • 24 октября 2016

    TheALPS was hosted in Innsbruck from October 19 to 21. The meeting kicks off, on the first day, with the theALPS MediaSummit, which begins at 4:00 pm at the ORF Studio Tirol. Experts present first insights into the interdisciplinary study "The Future of Winter Sport in the Alps – Challenges 2030." The main focus of the meeting is the question of the future of winter tourism, which has been examined in the course of an interdisciplinary study. 

  • 23 октября 2016

    During the theALPS Media Summit on October 19th 2016 in Innsbruck, the researchers of the project group, Harald Pechlaner, Ralf Roth and Hubert Siller, presented further key results from the research project “Winter travel in the Alps” along with the so-called “principal challenges for Winter travel 2030”. 

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