“ALPAGE” is a cultural and promotional project consisting of a daily updated website that related to the site content and design mass-circulation print magazine (50000 copies) coming out quarterly in three languages (English, French, Russian). The project content is notable for its own philosophy, concept, content, implementation technology and active interaction with all participants of tourism market in the Alpine countries.
The philosophy of the project is reflected in the world-play in its name. The name is playing upon the global trend of cultural development of mountain people from all over the world – in transaction from traditional pastoralist economy to the age of Alpine tourism. By “ALPAGE” is called a traditional system of grazing livestock on the high mountain pastures in summer. Later the English came to the Alps and made a gap in the traditional Alpine culture by their capital investment, knowledge and activity. First, it was profitable to graze cows, then – to ‘graze tourists’. “ALPAGE” turned into “ALP AGE”. Mind the gap!
However, tourism has not destroyed the traditional culture but moved it to a new level: surviving system became a system of esthetic. Today, after 200 years of tourism industry development, after all experiments with iron and concrete, when the most desirable material for the interior design of most expensive chalets are boards and logs from an old farm, it is quite evident: Alpine tourism can be developed only in harmony with the traditional Alpine culture as the Alps in their natural purity and the purity of the Alpine cultural style can be still attractive and competitive even at the global market of Alpine tourism, making trends, and to head the chain of other mountain systems of our planet. Thus, we believe that for an Alpine mountaineer the name of our website ALP-AGE.COM will associate with the sound of a shepherd’s horn and a cow’s bell.
We will do our best to make the content fully express the philosophy of the project.