New altitude of Zermatt

After around two-and-a-half years’ construction work, the “Matterhorn glacier ride” – the world’s highest 3S cableway – has finally opened as planned, and Zermatt has gained a new attraction. From the beginning of the 2018/19 winter season, passengers will be able to use the new cableway to reach the Klein Matterhorn. 

Forgotten Genius Loci of Aosta

There are good possibilities you never heard about Innocenzo Manzetti, even if he was one of the most fertile and dynamic italian geniuses. And if things had turned out differently for him, less than a month ago, on the 29th of June, we would have celebrated the 150th anniversary of his major invention, which had a profound impact on history and our own lives: the telephone. 

Mountains Dancing Around World

The co-existence of various ecstatic performative practices (dance, music, drama, various rituals, rites, public presentations), which functions lie between religious activity, healing and entertainment, is one of the most significant features of some societies even today, in the global world. Performances have many local variations and stratifications — from tiny village customs to today’s mass-media huge events, TV shows, national festivals with strong political agenda, and the like. Enactments of myths and legends must be performed during agricultural and domestic festivals, and are tightly connected to various rituals. Invocation and narration of the divine stories from epic texts is very well known practice in particular regions. 

Full list of ski-lift accidents

For this article I was hoping to find a ready made list of lift accidents. There are a few short and incomplete lists around the place but they missed out a lot and they were not well referenced, so to get the fullest and most accurate list we had to make our own. For this list, and this is a weird distinction to have to make, we limited it to accidents with at least one fatality or if there were no fatalities to at least ten injuries… 

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